Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process for our Partner Programs & RPL Applications

The following video provides you with an introduction to ALA Training Portal and provides a brief overview of how to log into the portal & complete the enrolment process

On acceptance into the program, you will receive a registration email and a link to access the ALA Training Portal & Skillport.

What is ALA Training Portal?

ALA Training Portal, also known as TOMS – which means, Training Organisation Management System.Emerging_Slide9 (9)

This is where you can access / complete:

  • Enrolment – for participants enrolling one of our partners’ programs, including Lynda.com, Gravitas, Edgeware,  MHFA etc.
  • It is important to complete the enrolment as soon as you are registered, so that we can finalise your assessments and process your results.
  • USI (Unique Student Identifier) – since January 2015 all Australian learners enrolling or studying an accredited program MUST has a valid USI. If you don’t already have one, you can apply through our streamline enrolment process. Make sure you download the USI Fact sheet for more information regarding the identification you need to apply for your USI
  • RPL applicants ONLY – If you are applying for RPL – this is also where you will access your RPL instructions. Once you have logged onto to the portal, download a copy of the “Info for RPL Applicants”, which is a step by step guide through the RPL process

ALA Training Portal- http://training.australasianleadership.com/

 NB: keep your Username and Passwords in a safe place as you will need it to access all of your courseware, assessments and track your progress with your assessor.

Links are also available on our website at http://australasianleadership.com/workforce-development/alatrainingportal/