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ALA eLearning Portals for International Participants ONLY

An introduction to your program & ALA Training Portals …….ALA utilises 2 Training Portals for the delivery of our eLearning programs – ALA Training Portal & ALA Skillport. 

On acceptance into the program, you will then receive a welcome email and instructions on how to access your ALA Training Portal & Skillport.

What is ALA Training Portal?Emerging_Slide9 (9)

This is where you can access / complete:

  • ALA Enrolment – Internationals not requiring a USI (NB: Currently only Australian participants need a USI)
  • Program information & templates
  • Upload of assessment tasks & workplace evidence
  • Assessor feedback and track the progress of your assessment

ALA Training Portal-


What is ALA Skillport?

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ALA Skillport is your eLearning Portal for your blended online study program. This is where you will access all your online content….

Once you have enrolled into your chosen program, your ALA SkillPort Login details will be sent in a separate email.



Watch the video to familiarise yourself with both portals…..

 NB: keep your Username and Passwords in a safe place as you will need it to access all of your courseware, assessments and track your progress with your assessor.

Links are also available on our website at