Small businesses across Australia are hurting. As a small business owner, I have seen the effects first-hand with ever-changing global financial conditions, the high Aussie dollar, the impact of natural disasters and challenging market forces – all combining to create unprecedented risk to business owners in new and dangerous ways.

The only way forward is to accept that constant change is the “new normal” and we must continue to evolve and improve our businesses to meet ever-changing market conditions and customer needs.

In the past 7 years running the Australasian Leadership Academy, a registered training organisation (RTO) that delivers customised learning programs focused on leadership, business management, project management and change management to organisations and individuals, I have seen passionate business owners and entrepreneurs flounder over the execution of their business idea and their struggle to define a strong value proposition that sets them apart from their competitors and drive the demand they need for their businesses to survive and thrive.

Recognising this urgent need, we have partnered with Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship to offer the ‘Build Your Business’ program, a hands-on, practical training program that teaches business owners the skills to re-think, re-work and re-organise their business and build greater value.

A free 2-hour ‘Build Your Business’ workshop will be offered on 10th May in Byron Bay, NSW, to help business owners gain valuable takeaway strategies for real, practical decision-making.

Watch this video for more workshop details:

Workshop spaces are limited! To reserve a seat or for more information, contact us here:

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