Dr Stewart Hase

Dr Stewart Hase

Dr Stewart Hase

Neuroscience and leadership

Dr Stewart Hase BA, Dip Psych, MA (hons), PhD. MPS. – is a registered psychologist interested in human adaptation and change. He is a therapist, academic, writer, educator and organisational consultant. Stewart has an international reputation in the area of learning, which is at the heart of change. He has conducted workshops and given addresses around the world for a large number of public and private sector organisations. Stewart’s approach to his presentations is highly interactive with a focus on real change rather than the cosmetic, which is a feature of much training and education. Each participant needs to come expecting to be challenged and to examine the effectiveness of their behaviour.

He has pursued this interest through careers as an academic, researcher, a clinical therapist, teaching, and consulting. Stewart has also held senior management positions in higher education. He is the author of over 130 scientific works in the area of change, leadership and learning including two recent and internationally recognized books describing a new approach to learning and training.

Psychologist and psychotherapist interested in adaptation, change and learning. Stewart consults for public and private sector organisations worldwide in leadership coaching and leadership development, team development, changing organisational culture, organisational learning, change, organisational development, dysfunctional organisations, and quality of working life.

Formally an academic for 25 years and still publishing. Has written over 130 scientific papers.

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