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Through a strategic alliance partnership, Australasian Leadership Academy offers a range of leadership development programs developed by Gravitas Leadership Group.

Dr Catherine SeeGravitas is a team of business, sporting and academic leaders, working with private and public sector clients, across a range of industries. Their unique model of leadership development brings together best practice in leadership development by combining academic research, excellence in sports leadership and years of experience in business consulting.

Offering tailored leadership, team and organisational development services encompassing advisory, consulting, program delivery, coaching and mentoring offerings. Within this framework, we work closely with individuals and teams to develop and support leaders, at all levels of an organisation, to build winning cultures and achieve success. Our service offerings include:

  • Organisational Design
  • Strategic Development and Execution
  • Leadership Capability Development
  • Team Capability Development



Strong leaders create high performing cultures underpinned by well-developed social competence, a clear vision of the future, a desire to build trusting relationships and a passion for success.

They model behaviours that shape the culture, rituals and symbols of the organisation and determine “how we do things around here”. Leaders drive the strategy and guide the design of systems and processes required to deliver business outcomes.


The following principles underpin all of the solutions we design for clients and are woven throughout all of our Products and Services:

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                            • Invest in Relationships
                            • Foster Individual and Collective Growth
                            • Work from the inside out
                            • Shape a Winning Game Plan
                            • Drive Innovation and Change



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Diploma of Management - BSB51107

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