Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take me to compete the program?

The maximum duration for the eLearning programs are 12 months.
The programs are competency based, which allows you the ability to fast track according to your experience and level of competency.
The eLearning content provides opportunity for self-assessment and completion of pre-tests to identify your capability and any gap training required.
Also refer to RPL / RCC information in FAQ’s.

When is this course scheduled?

Our individual programs are available all year round...... we accept ongoing enrolments throughout the year to suit your study needs.

What are the study hours?

We provide clear guidelines and milestones for you to follow. However, the hours are flexible and may be adjusted to suit your previous experience, work and home commitments.
As a guide, we recommend you prepare a study plan to achieve your goals and keep on track.
The eLearning content provides guideline on the nominal / expected hours of duration.