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A sound understanding of psychology can assist in being a great leader by understanding how people behave, what makes people tick, how to influence effectively, engagement, motivation, how teams work and work optimally, decision-making, knowing self, and organisational behaviour, for example.

This course takes our understanding of leadership a bit further by being based in modern neuroscience and psychological research.

The program consists of workbooks delivered weekly over 6-weeks and 3 webinars in which you are invited to discuss issues and concerns.



Recent neuroscience advances have meant that researchers have been able to study the brain and why people do what they do and what works and does not work with respect to leadership. We now know what motivates people, how we need to treat them to get the best results, how change affects humans and what we need to do to change behaviour, what creates stress and impedes performance, how teams work, what facilitates engagement, and how we learn.

We work with Dr Stewart Hase, renowned psychologist and ‘Father of Heutagogy’, to offer dynamic and customised half-day to two-day workshops on this important topic, with a focus on meeting specific skills deficits identified in the performance management cycle. The workshops aim to assist participants to develop their leadership skills and understand why specific behaviours are effective. Individual coaching is also available as are short webinars for groups of up to 5.


Self-determined learning is an approach to learning, based on brain research, that is revolutionising education and training. In short, almost everything we have thought works in designing learning programs does not work. This workshop is for trainers and educators who want to improve their practice and use approaches that really enhance learning, that are dynamic and learner-focused. The workshop can be from half a day to two days depending on need. Webinars are also available for groups of up to 5 people.

Dr Stewart Hase is one of the originators of self-determined learning (Heutagogy) in 2000 and has published a number of papers and two books on the subject, as well as presenting workshops and addresses nationally and internationally. Stewart is the editor of two recent books: Self-Determined Learning: Heutagogy in Action in (Bloomsbury-2013); and Experiences in Self-Determined Learning (Amazon and Kindle-2014), plus several published papers and book chapters, blogs and presentations.

Stewart’s most recent book on heutagogy from 2021, is “Unleashing the Power of Learner” –  Agency:


Those with a Cert IV or Diploma  in Training and Assessment may find Self-determined learning to be an unimportant extension of their knowledge and skills in how people learn.

It will provide opportunities to be more creative in delivering training and education programs and to enhance learning opportunities.

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