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SkillBites are ALA’s professional training suite of “Micro” online courses


Design your own personalised learning pathway to suit your needs


Bite-sized & affordable ….. “Just in time” …… Micro-learning

Study Anywhere / Anytime!!


Acquiring a new skill-set has never been easier, or more affordable, with the release of ALA’s new SkillBites Professional Training Suite.

Individuals or companies who sign up to one of our Training Plans will gain access to a vast library of world-class professional eLearning content, which can be completed online and at your own pace.

Hosted through the Australasian Leadership Academy (a Registered Training Organisation – RTO ID: 41012) it is also possible to transition towards an accredited National Qualification in Leadership, Management, Customer Engagement, Change & Project Management e.g. Cert IV to Diploma, if required.

  • Introducing ALA’s SkillBites

    Through Australasian Leadership Academy (ALA’s) SkillBites Professional Training Suite,

  • you can gain access to a vast library of world-class professional training programs, available online and accessible by phone, iPad or computer


  • How it works:
    1. Decide which SkillBites Plan suits you best (Individual/ Organisations) – click on “What” and “Why” links to help you decide – “What are SkillBites?” & “Why SkillBites?”
    2. You will be provided with a 12 months licence to access your content
    3. Select your topics / themes from ALA’s SkillBites Suite – our vast library of world-class professional training content
    4. Extend your skill-set further by adding additional study themes – you can keep adding bites over the 12-month licence (for an additional fee for each “Bite”)
    5. Complete your study online, at your own pace (within 12 months)
    6. Download your Skillsoft “Certificate of Completion” (great for your work ePortfolio)
    7. Work your way towards a Statement of Attainment or Qualification (if you wish).


  • In response to the current massive global shift towards working remotely, and as an introduction to ALA’s SkillBites – Professional Training Suite …….

  • we have released the first 2 bite-sized and affordable courses:

    Leading Virtual Teams & Working Effectively in a Virtual Team Environment.


Leading Virtual Teams & Working Effectively in a Virtual Team Environment are micro-learning courses,

which forms part of our SkillBites Training Solutions Suite. They contain 5 pieces of content including courses, videos, exec summaries and audio books

that are short, engaging, high-quality and affordable, covering many topics:

Establishing Effective Virtual Teams

Facing Virtual Team Challenges

Choosing Communication Technologies

Raising Performance and Collaboration in Virtual Teams

Contributing as a Virtual Team Member

Engaging Virtual Employees


Click on the links below to find out more and register for SkillBites :-

Leading Virtual Teams

Working Effectively in a Virtual Team Environment

Training Pathways:
SkillBites are aligned to accredited Training Programs, so you can choose your own Training Pathway towards accreditation (if you wish)
or choose your own learning pathway by continuing to add more SkillBites to your portfolio over a 12 month period.


Business, Leadership, Management, Change Management,

Customer Engagement and Project Management.