• Donna Norman - Work for the Dole Project Coordinator - Fraser Coast and Bundaberg

    I am happy to provide a recommendation for Lynne. Lynne is a very professional trainer and also effective business development officer demonstrating strong ability to achieve business outcomes in the education and training market.

    Donna Norman

  • Meredith Jackson - Workforce Development Specialist

    I highly recommend Lynne as a VET practitioner. Lynne has a wonderful rapport with people from any vocational context. Her personal ability to connect with her clients and her talent at teaching leadership and business concepts; are what makes Lynne exceptional. Highly professional at all times; Lynne is recognised within the QLD VET sector as an innovator.

    Confident in her abilities and dedicated to meeting current and emerging market demands in VET; Lynne will challenge current practice with improved methodology to ensure she is maximising her client’s learning experiences and outcomes

    Meredith Jackson

    Workforce Development Specialist

  • Mary Sutton - Manager, Product Quality at TAFE Queensland

    Lynne displays a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for her projects and is an expert collaborator and networker.

    Lynne's approach is consultative and methodical and would be an asset to any business.

    Mary Sutton

    TAFE Queensland

  • Tim Price - Customer Services Agent at Qantas

    While manager of ICT Planning & Management at the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, I was able to assist Lynne with the many projects she managed in the Institute’s Centre for Leadership Strategies. Lynne had a good appreciation for the technologies she needed to expedite her projects and a planned approach that also considered the technology constraints implicit in working within a government organisation. Lynne’s professionalism made her a pleasure to work with

    Tim Price
    Tim Price


  • Lynne Jones - Carer and freelance eLearning Consultant

    Lynne is a manager who has great rapport with her staff and clients. Her quietly confident, business like, customer focused, results oriented, professional manner is evident in all the business undertakings I witnessed.

    Lynne has a refreshingly engaging presence and is a pleasure to work with.

    Lynne Jones

    eLearning Consultant

  • Matthew Loxton MKM, CKM - Senior Analyst - Healthcare at WBB

    Lynne was a pleasure to work with and I regarded her as key to developing and implementing an occupational development framework that would deliver on corporate and individual goals and objectives. Lynne provided not just the detail of integrating in-house and commercially available eLearning with certificate and diploma accreditation, but also helped me with the big-picture view of how to build a framework for ongoing professional development for both staff and management.

    Lynne was instrumental in many of the crucial aspects of our OD framework, and was a continual source of pleasant surprises and welcome expertise. I would eagerly work with Lynne again should the opportunity arise.

    Matthew Loxton


  • Carol Webb - Consultant in Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Tertiary Education Strategy Development

    Lynne is a creative and innovative professional presenter.

    Lynne has contributed greatly to the professional development of her clients and colleagues over the years I have known her.

    Carol Webb


  • Gareth Moore - Serotonus - Contract Trainer, Coach & Instr. Designer for Business Sales, Project Man, & TAE Training and more. . .

    One of the true highlights of my coaching career is to have worked, and to continue to work with Lynne Stephens at ALA.

    Lynne is someone who works hard and always does it right and with a with a smile. Lynne is a professional that delivers time after time and what makes it so easy is that she is a real joy to be around. I can not recommend her enough. Thank you for that Lynne

    Gareth Moore


  • Kerryn Smith - Deputy CEO at Defence Teaming Centre, Inc
    Lynne provided our Leadership Group with excellent support to facilitate an RPL program which accelerated their standing in the overall program. Participants appreciated Lynne's expertise and genuine relationship approach to this process. As a service provider Lynne was efficient and effective in all her dealings and provided real value for money in providing the service. An enjoyable experience to work with Lynne

    Kerryn Smith

    Deputy CEO at Defence Teaming Centre, Inc

  • Luina Samuelson - Human Resources Generalist
    I thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Lynne her approach to partnering with a business to provide the best learning and development solution assisted our business to deliver an outstanding management development program that suited our business in timing, delivery methods and budget. I really appreciated her professional and efficient approach to consulting, planning and monitoring the program we ran and I received positive feedback we had from both participants, their managers and from our leadership team. The program contributed to improving productivity and efficiency in a number of areas in our business through the work based project approach used. I would highly recommend working with Lynne and her team

    Luina Samuelson

    Human Resources Generalist