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The Australian Government has many initiatives that have been established in response to industry needs for a more highly skilled workforce. These initiatives aim to increase the opportunities for Australians to gain new skills, help develop a more entrepreneurial workforce and help individuals to continually upgrade their skills over their working lives. ALA will work with you to source any appropriate government funding options available for your organisation that best suits your capability and eligibility.

Where funding is an option, we work with organisations to identify opportunities for government funding to offset costs……..determine their unique needs and to maximise access to government funds.

Our approach aligns nationally accredited vocational education and training (VET) qualifications, to business needs behind the scene. We use qualifications as they are intended – within the workplace. For us, qualifications should never be the driver of any initiative…….for us it is about workplace application and “real” outcomes.

We focus on sustainable processes based on transparent principles where people not only know where they are with their existing skills and knowledge but what they have to do to advance or broaden their opportunities.

We know that while achieving a qualification may trigger government funding and be a focus for the individual, from an organisations’ view point, without improved performance there is no value.

Contact ALA to see if you or your staff are eligible for any funding opportunities

CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY NOW……….Click on the link to download the ” Eligibility Checklist ” – then complete and return to info@australasianleadership.com for review.

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